Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers only released its first gin six months ago, but has already collected 17 medals.

Nicole and Jon Durdin launched Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers in the Barossa Valley in September.

The distillery has since scored accolades at Tasting Australia, the Australian Gin Awards, Australian Distilled Spirit Awards, and the American Distilling Awards.

The results of Tasting Australia Spirit Awards were released last month, and Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers was awarded a gold medal for Savoury Allsorts, and a bronze for Barossa Dry and House Gin. The distillery also received a silver for its limited release gin, Appellation, created in collaboration with Appellation at The Louise Restaurant, specifically for this year’s Tasting Australia event.

The inaugural Australian Gin Awards were held in February and saw Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers gins judged alongside 180 submissions from 66 distilleries. Here, the distillery received a gold for the limited release Barossa Shiraz Gin, and silver medals for the Barossa Dry, House Gin, and Savoury Allsorts.

At the American Distilling Institute Awards – the oldest and largest competition for craft spirits in the world – Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers was awarded medals for its full range of gins, including a silver medal for Savoury Allsorts.

The distillery also triumphed at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards last month, with Barossa Dry, House Gin, and Savoury Allsorts, all receiving medals.

“The initial recognition from consumers and spirits professionals alike in our first months of operation has given us huge confidence in ourselves and our gins,” the Durdins said.

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By Alana House

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